Membership Disclosure Statement

Article 1. What does membership include?

a. Your membership starts after you have completed & process the payment of membership application by filling in our membership form via (registration to setup)

b. Membership includes concessions on entrance fees for Gateway Alumni activities unless stated otherwise. In those cases, we refer to the terms and conditions of the event itself.

c. For all other membership related benefits please refer to the alumni page.


Article 2. Membership fee

a. The membership fee will be as follows

                 –   Legacy Membership – LKR 7,500 (special offer).

b. The membership fee is a one-off payment for a lifetime membership.

c. The membership fee is collected via automatic bank payment. By accepting the terms and conditions you automatically accept that the membership fee is written of your account.


Article 3. Modification of membership details

a. In all cases, the member is responsible for changes that need to be made in the membership system of the Gateway Alumni. Changes will need to be submitted via an email to [email protected]

Article 4. Qualification for membership  

a. Past pupils who have completed their Advance Level or Ordinary Level at Gateway College

b. Any past pupil who has studied at Gateway College for more than two years who wishes to be a member of the association could become one after the approval of the executive committee of the association.


Article 5. Privacy

a. Your personal details will be treated carefully and trustfully by the Gateway College. The Gateway College will not pass through your personal details to third companies unless you agreed upon this.

b. In case you want additional information, please check our Privacy Policy on the website.


Article 6. Cancellation of the membership

a. Any member has the right to have their name deleted from the membership database at any time, but in this event, there shall be no refund of any part of the subscription already paid unless exceptional circumstances apply.

b. The membership can be cancelled by the member by sending an email to [email protected] of the Gateway Alumni. Your membership is only cancelled after the Gateway Alumni has confirmed the cancellation.

c. Membership can also be cancelled by the Gateway Alumni. This can happen when a member no longer meets the requirements asked for membership as written in these articles or when the member does not fulfil obligations to the Gateway Alumni. There shall be no refund of any part of the subscription already paid unless exceptional circumstances apply.


Article 7. Responsibility

a. The Gateway Alumni cannot be held responsible for theft, injuries, damages, or any other inconveniences that might occur during one of our events.

b. All members are expected to adhere to Gateway College code of conduct whilst participating events organised at school premises.

Additional Terms & Conditions

          1. Any disruptive behaviour on school premises or alumni organised events will not be tolerated.

          2. If any Vandalism or damage to equipment on school premises or at any alumni organised event                  occurs, persons responsible will be held liable to pay for damages.

More details of ‘Use of School Facilities Terms and Conditions’ can be found in Article 10.

Article 8. Payment

Lifetime membership –

– All Lifetime memberships are payable in advance. Once paid in full, membership remains active for life      of member with no further payments or dues increases.

– Priority access to Gateway College Sports Facility

Discounted membership from various Sponsors (please refer to Full List of Benefits).

– Credit card-style membership card that can be used for area discounts and complimentary entry to            Gateway College Alumni Association events.

Cancellation of Membership will be at the discretion of school or event officials

      Article 9. Refund Policy

      We operate through a pre-payment policy. Once payment of membership is affirmed through the website or transfer of funds, all benefits detailed in the Gateway College website will be granted to the member.

      The Payments are non-refundable

      For any Legacy members, no additional membership fee will be collected after their initial payment.


      Article 10. Privacy Policy

      The Gateway College Alumni respects and is committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. We will not sell your personal identifiable information to anyone.

      All member information is and will remain confidential. Information will be shared with school as and when necessary. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

      Article 11. Use of school sports facilities

      Where the main purpose is to benefit the students of Gateway College, permission can be arranged for Gateway Alumni Members to use the school sports facility and athletic fields.  The complete control of school buildings and equipment is, by law, vested in the Board of Directors, and the administration of the rules and regulations governing the buildings is delegated to the Director of the School.

      This policy covers all functions/events which are held at Gateway College after 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday, and anytime on Saturdays and Sundays.

      The school’s facilities are available for student, staff, and Gateway College Alumni Members. Student curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities always have priority.

      Conditions of Use

      a. Facilities can be booked via

      b. There are certain restrictions upon the use of school property and the building.  The user is solely responsible for the fulfillment of the regulations of the following:

      • Local Safety
      • Local Fire Laws
      • Local Police Laws

      c. There is to be no smoking in the buildings or on the grounds of the Gateway College in accordance with the Gateway College No Smoking Policy.

      d. The Member must be present throughout the time the facilities are being used. The Member is responsible for the decorum of the group, including spectators.

      e. When minors are using a facility, they are required to have adult supervision on a 1 to 15 ratio basis.

      f. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any school premises unless approved by the Director

      g. Food and/or beverages are only permitted in cafeterias/all-purpose rooms.  Eating or drinking in auditoriums, classrooms or gymnasiums is not permitted.

      h. Any damages sustained to the facility and/or equipment during its use will be considered the responsibility of the using organization.  The using individual/organization will be billed for any repairs needed to restore the facility and/or equipment to its original state.

      i. No electrical apparatus shall be connected to any system unless it has been approved by the facilities manager or the auditorium manager (as appropriate).

      j. In all cases where gymnasiums are used for athletic purposes, participants are required to wear athletic shoes.

      k. Entrance to the property shall be permitted ONLY via the main (front) doors of the school in use.  All doors to the facility shall remain LOCKED at all times, except those custodial personnel shall unlock main entry doors for entrance by authorized groups as scheduled (fifteen minutes before and after scheduled start).  Corridors/facility shall be unlocked as necessary to accommodate groups while in the building.

      l. Access to facility will be available only as indicated on the approved application form.

      m. Equipment of the building user, such as scenery and furniture, may not be moved into or out of the building during school hours.

      n. The building user must satisfy the office of the Director of Facilities that the person designated by the building user to operate the lighting, curtains, drops, scenery, etc. is qualified to do so. In the absence of such a person, a custodian shall be engaged to operate the stage.

      o. It is the policy of the Gateway College not to loan school materials and equipment to individuals or groups.

      p. All fire lanes shall be accessible at all school buildings.  This will be enforced by the Gateway College Security Department and violators are subject to being ticketed or towed.

      q. There shall be no parking or driving on any school property in conjunction with any function except as specified by the guards or police officer on duty and approved by Gateway College.

      r. All non-school or governmental related activities MUST be completed, and the premises vacated by 9.30 p.m.


      a. All decorations, furniture, trash and other materials used shall be removed immediately by the user after the completion of the function.  All decorations MUST be fire resistant.  Changing equipment, electrical adjustments, driving nails or hanging decorations shall be done only with the consent of the Director of Facilities.  At no time shall objects be attached to stage curtains.

      b. Gateway College will not be responsible for any material left behind.

      c. Cleaning costs will be charged to the user. 


      a. Housekeepers, maintenance staff and/or security guards on duty shall be responsible for the supervision of the building and equipment, safety precautions in the building, cleaning of the building after its use, and for any services required by the user in accordance with the use of the facilities approved.

      b. On days when school has been cancelled because of emergency conditions, the school buildings may not be available.  However, all scheduled use will automatically be cancelled unless the users contact the school being used to confirm the availability of the school.

      c. Utility costs which are required beyond the usual day may be charged.

      d. All questions concerning building use and particulars should be directed to the school.

      These terms and conditions were last modified on 02-10-2021.

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